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Dog Bites and Premises Liability

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There is a legal concept called premises liability, wherein property owners can be held liable for accidents and injuries that have happened in their premises, especially if negligence has played a factor.

Usually, premises liability involves failure to clean up dangerous debris, maintain facilities to avoid defects, and properly enforce security to avoid breaches. But did you know that dog biting accidents can also fall under it?

You may think that dog biting accidents are personal injury cases, and you are right. However, according to the website of Lawyer Ali Mokaram, premises liability can also be under personal injury. In short, dog bites can both be seen as a personal injury and premises liability case.

But why? This is because property owners and their negligence can play a factor in dog biting accidents, such as in the following aspects:

·       Failing to supervise the dog

·       Failing to put the dog in a place that is not easily accessible, especially by bystanders

·       Tethering the dog in the wrong place or with a wrong material or technique

·       Using barriers that the dog can easily overcome

Dog biting accidents can lead into injuries, and these injuries can result into financial burdens, including the medical expenses associated with the treatment, lost wages because of being absent at work, lost general productivity to commit to responsibilities, and last but not to be overlooked, the emotional and psychological effects of being involved in a traumatic event such as an animal attack.

As a personal injury or premises liability case, a person who has been a victim of a dog biting accident can get compensation for these financial burdens. The compensatory measure is justifiable, because the financial damages would not have been sustained if the property owner has not been negligent with his dog and how he makes his premises safe from dog attacks.

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