The Effects of Criminal Charges or Conviction

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An individual is considered innocent until proven guilty under the US justice system, but that is only from a legal standpoint. All too often, being merely arrested on something like murder charges can significantly affect a person’s life, let alone a conviction, and this is devastating especially if that person is wrongfully arrested or convicted.

And it does happen. The Innocence Project, an organization that aims to exonerate the wrongfully convicted, has successfully liberated 312 people, 18 of whom were waiting to be executed for a crime they did not commit.  It is to be hoped that they are the rare exceptions, but without competent legal representation, it is just too easy to make a critical mistake that would lead to incarceration.

There are significant effects of criminal charges or conviction for anyone. Depending on the criminal charges, an individual can become ostracized by society, and even if the case is dismissed, people will always wonder and believe the worst. A pending criminal case can also bar a person from educational and career opportunities that may come up. It can take years for a case to be settled, and these missed chances may never come again.

A criminal charge or conviction for certain crimes may also adversely affect the defendant’s integrity, which can count in divorce or child custody cases. For example, if the defendant is convicted of fraud, it can impact on the financial aspects of a divorce. A conviction of a violent crime such as battery or domestic violence can also ruin the chances of a parent to gain custodial or even visitation rights.

When facing criminal charges, the wisest thing to do is to immediately engage the services of a competent criminal defense lawyer to ensure a speedy release and dismissal of an unwarranted case. If it comes to a trial, it is important that the lawyer has a good defense strategy in place to avoid a conviction, and this can depend on when you get the right legal representation.


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