Injuries can Occur at Birth

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Childbirth poses a great number of health risks not only for the mother but most importantly for the baby. The child’s passing through the uterus can be made complicated by several risks, and these could lead to birth injuries if not properly addressed by medical professionals. Compounding the childbirth may be the difficulties during the delivery. If fetal distress is present, the labor may have to be expedited as detected by fetal hypoxia or acidosis. Most of childbirth injuries are due to hypoxia and mechanical trauma. Childbirth injuries that resulted from medical negligence or error may seem to be small, with only 5%, but it still a considerable amount considering the life of the baby.

Expectant mothers should be aware if they are at risk of childbirth injuries. Among the risks factors that should considered are shoulder dystocia, cephalopelvic disproportion, a premature baby, instrumental or breech delivery, and many others. Talking with your doctor during your regular check-ups could help you prepare for the childbirth and avoid injuries or risks to you and you baby. Many of birth injuries can be prevented through proper medical care. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, among the most common birth injuries that are linked to medical negligence or error are: facial paralysis, fractures (in the skull or bones along the collar) brain injuries (due to oxygen deprivation), cephalohematoma, brachial palsy injuries, and many others.

Many birth injuries can heal in a matter of days, but some can have a lasting effect on the child that would lead to physical and developmental complications. When this happens, the child’s quality of life will be greatly affected, and special care and attention may be necessary for them to grow up. Proving negligence can be difficult. It is therefore important to talk with a lawyer first in order to determine whether the hospital or any of the medical professionals involved in the operation was indeed negligent and if there is a case that can be filed against them.

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