Legal Mainstay: Court Reporting Services

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One would think that if there is any one service that will always be needed in litigation would be that of legal representation; lawyers, in other words. But the fact is, the only true mainstay in litigation services is that court reporting.

The term can be a little confusing, because court reporting is not confined to taking down what everyone says verbatim during a trial and afterwards transcribing it into readable form, although that is certainly a large part of what it is. However, court reporting also covers depositions, the official statements of a witness regarding a particular case which serve as part of the body of evidence. This service is essential for any type of legal proceeding, from criminal to divorce to workers’ compensation cases, because depositions are often used to prove or disprove crucial aspects of a case.

Court reporting service providers also serve as a depository of transcripts from previous cases, which are then used to establish a precedent or to challenge a particular standpoint. Such archived documents may also serve as a guide for the preparation of a case. These providers may also manage a case for the overworked lawyer, gathering the needed material and documents based on an established plan of attack.

Another service that would be considered of court reporting is the recording, archiving, editing, and compositing of video, whether for legal use as a tool for the graphical representation of the theory of the case, or as a documentary for a variety of purposes, such as establishing the character of the client before a judge or jury. It is also a service that would be invaluable for bringing the testimony of a witness who has died or is otherwise unavailable into a courtroom.

These are some of the major services under court reporting. No lawyer would be able to plan and execute a case plan without the direct or indirect input of these service providers.

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